Are you a day traveler and go to different places during the day as part of your daily chores? Have you felt the need for a windshield for your street glide? If so, you have made the right decision, and we have covered you up with our reviews on the best windshield for Street Glide.

For riders, windshields are the best protection to beat the air and what’s in it hitting you. They protect you from road particles, dirt, flying insects, and rain. Apart from guarding you, they improve the looks of your bike and enhance your riding experience.

You might have experienced that your helmet doesn’t give optimal efficiency and fulfill the purpose of wearing. In contrast, windshields perform well and save you in the long run. So, there are countless benefits of a windshield, and you should not think for a second to get one.

Reviews of 10 Best Windshields For Street Glide

In this article, we’ll review the 10 best windshields for Street Glide so you can pick one according to your needs. Please read the buying guide, in the end, to know what factors you should look for before buying a windshield. So, let’s get started with our top pick without any further delay.

ImageProductNo. of ReviewsLowest Price
<strong>Klock Werks 6.5” Flare Windshield</strong>

Klock Werks 6.5” Flare Windshield

  • 798
<strong>Amazicha Black 8” Wave Windshield</strong>

Amazicha Black 8” Wave Windshield

  • 2865
<strong>Amazicha 7” Smoke Wave Windshield</strong>

Amazicha 7” Smoke Wave Windshield

  • 1530
<strong><strong>Klock Werks 6.5” Dark Smoke Windshield</strong></strong>

Klock Werks 6.5” Dark Smoke Windshield

  • 475
<strong>Earlyred 7” Black Windshield</strong>

Earlyred 7” Black Windshield

  • 93
<strong>Jade Onlines 9” Black Windshield</strong>

Jade Onlines 9” Black Windshield

  • 704
<strong>Kuryakyn 1773 Airmaster 5” Windshield</strong>

Kuryakyn 1773 Airmaster 5” Windshield

  • 39
<strong><strong>Amazicha Black 6” Windshield</strong></strong>

Amazicha Black 6” Windshield

  • 1350
<strong>Earlyred 4.5” Black Windshield</strong>

Earlyred 4.5” Black Windshield

  • 118
<strong>H-Ruo Black 6” Windshield</strong>

H-Ruo Black 6” Windshield

  • 23

#1. Klock Werks 6.5” Flare Windshield

Key Features

Klock Werks 6.5” Flare Windshield
  • Shield’s outer “hips” re-route the air to add downforce to the front of the bike resulting improved stability and handling.
  • Flare’s top flip kick the air up and back as clean, less turbulent air for the rider and passenger
  • Windshield bags will work with Flare.

Our top pick is a 6.5 inches Flare windshield by Klock Werks, one of the best-selling products. Its black color is awesome, and you’ll love it once installed on your Street Glide. This windshield is of great value for its features, giving you a superb riding experience.

Klock Werks 6.5” windshield is first in the industry, and riders love it for its looks and quality performance. This windshield could be a great solution if you hate wind buffeting during riding. You won’t regret your investment with this fantastic piece.  

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Why Did We Choose It

So, starting with the size and design, the Klock Werks windshield is perfectly designed for different models. Its design is pretty attractive and fits your bike’s front, improving its looks. And yes, don’t worry about the height; you can adjust it, which means an adjustable design.  

This windshield comes with a feature or body design called flip. It’s a unique shape that can kick the air back efficiently, making it less turbulent. This makes riding more enjoyable, and thus, don’t go our next time without it installed on your Harley.

In addition, there is another best thing; we call this feature hips. This innovative design helps re-route the air to avoid being exposed to it. With its placement on the front, it improves your bike’s stability and supplies downforce to the front area.

This black flare windshield is best for 2014-2021 FLH and thus, make sure it’s for your bike before buying it. If you think it won’t fit your bike, Klock Werks has other options based on height for different models. So, in such a case, you can go for them. 

Pros & Cons


  • Smart design improves looks
  • It comes in a perfect height
  • Best air protection features
  • Installs tight fix to your bike
  • Improves the bike’s looks


  • It works well for a taller person

Our Review

Klock Werks 6.5” Flare Windshield is an all-in-one solution for your riding needs. It’ll help you avoid annoying elements on the road when you are on a long drive. After installing this shield, you’ll see huge improvements and have a blast riding.

#2. Amazicha Black 8” Wave Windshield

Key Features

#2. Amazicha Black 8” Wave Windshield
  • compatible for Harley Davidson Touring Electra Glide, Street Glide, Trike 1996-2013
  • Not Compatible for Road Glide and Road King
  • Windscreen Height: 8″ (measure from the center of the middle bolt)
  • Easy Installation, directly replace existing one

Get more for your money with the Amazicha Black 8-inches Wave Windshield. It will meet your expectations and offer high-end performance comparable to other heavy-duty windshields at this price point. So, this product will give you a comfortable ride.

Despite its affordable price and decent quality, this model is on our list. In addition, it has a sturdy build, allowing a clear sight. You can easily mount it on a fairing. And no instruction manual is required for guidance.

Why Did We Choose It

You are in luck if you are looking for Harley windshields because we have what you would probably need the most! The windshield is from Amazicha. This monster unit is very sturdy because of its high-quality polycarbonate material. Thus, it will last for a long time.

Windscreens from aftermarket sources have one significant benefit: they can offer compatibility. It’ll be a significant advantage for this one. This model is highly compatible with Harley Electra Glide, Tri-glide FLHT, FLHTC, Davidson Touring Street glide, and the FLHX.

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Also, it will withstand rocks that might shoot from the street and will save you from an unpleasant moment. It will not only protect you from rocks, but it can also deflect very brisk wind. Therefore, you will enjoy a comfortable ride if you crank your engine to its maximum.

The installation is also simple. It takes only a few seconds to replace with the stock one. It does not include installation instructions as it is so easy to install. If you want another design and a bit smaller size, we have another one for you right after this.

Pros & Cons


  • Well-built and attractive design
  • Made of high-quality polycarbonate
  • Quick installation process
  • Economical and long-lasting


  • Thin structure and prone to scratches

Our Review

For us, the manufacturer made it very well. Prevailing, the design is incredibly aerodynamic. It effectively deflects air as it comes. Because of this, you will get the pleasure of better riding. It’s the only model that can give you a better shot at such a low price.

#3. Amazicha 7” Smoke Wave Windshield

Key Features

Amazicha 7” Smoke Wave Windshield
  • Compatible for Harley Touring Electra Glide, Street Glide, Ultra Limited 2014-2021
  • Windscreen Height: 7″ (measure from the center of the middle bolt).
  • Easy Installation, directly replace existing one

So, here we have the 7-inch model of the Amazicha windshield. If you don’t want to get the 8 inches model for any reason, go through the specs of this one. This windshield is for Harley Davidson, and its quality is top-notch. You don’t have to worry; it provides value for the price.

The Amazicha 7” Smoke Wave Windshield is suitable for Touring Electra Glide, Street Glide, and Ultra Limited 2014-2020. It works pretty well for heightened people of 5’6” to 6’. You’ll get full protection to your face and eyes even when driving at high speeds. 

Why Did We Choose It

So, Amazincha has maintained its traditions of providing great design, construction, and quality at a reasonable price. This windshield is quite durable and can last for a couple of years. Its wave shape design deflects the wind better, making it more comfortable for you to ride.

If we talk about the material used, it’s polycarbonate plastic, an excellent one. It offers great visibility and a clear view but needs care to prevent it from getting scratched. Its front area is enough to stop dust and other particles from reaching you, making the helmet a choice.

This windshield from Amazincha saves you from buying extra products for protecting yourself from road elements. For a smaller model like the 6 inches windshield, you’ll need to get an additional helmet as well. So, if you are not much heightened, you can get this 7 inches model.

Sometimes, you can face buffeting that can obstruct your view. But if you install this on the right or compatible model, you can reduce or even remove this issue. So, you can use it for Harley Davidson bikes, including Electra Glide, Street Glide, and Ultra Limited 2014-2020.


  • Perfect size or head height 
  • High-quality polycarbonate material 
  • Strong with excellent flexibility
  • Better wind deflection increases comfort.


  • Buffeting can feel even tightly fixed

Our Review

Are you not comfortable with this model and need a lower windshield? If so, again, we’ll review another one from Amazicha below, having less height. If this shield does not last long as per your expectations, you can get a new one from time to time.

#4. Klock Werks 6.5” Dark Smoke Windshield

Key Features

k Smoke Windshield
  • Shield’s outer “hips” re-route the air to add downforce to the front of the bike resulting improved stability and handling.
  • Flare’s top flip kick the air up and back as clean, less turbulent air for the rider and passenger
  • Windshield bags will work with Flare.

Klock Werks 6.5-inches is another best windshield for Street Glide on our list because of its durability and flexibility. With its aerodynamic design and best material, it is one of the best windshields. It’s available in various heights, and thus, you can easily fit it onto your bike.

The hard polycarbonate coating of this screen adds extra strength to its abrasion resistance. Besides, the outer edges re-route the air and offer more down-force to your ride. Bdue to the flip on top, the air kicks upward, giving the rider a slick ride. What’s more, they are as under:

Why Did We Choose It

Several options are available when going through for the best street glide windshield. Still, not all windshields are as large and possess variations in sizes as the Klock Werks windshield. It comes in four different sizes. But, here we are talking about the 6.5-inches, the best of all.

It comes in four different colors as well. But the dark smoke unit is looking beautiful as well. It’s a very durable unit because of high-quality polycarbonate that will last for an extended time showing no deterioration. For additional protection, its external side is hard-coated.

The design and features of this windshield are also quite innovative. It features a hip- outer-edge, re-routing incoming winds and ensuring a smooth venture. Its outer edge increases down-force to the bike’s front, increasing overall stability during riding.

At the top of the flare, there is a Flip. This top design will kick the air back and up, resulting in minor air disturbance. You will feel comfortable riding as dust and debris would not accumulate on top. So, though limited in features, this windshield can aid you to its best.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to install with outer edge design
  • Exceptionally strong and durable
  • Provides excellence in air filtering


  • Bad handling gusty breeze
  • The bent spots distort the light

Our Review

Would this be the best? Yes, Klock Werks 6.5” Dark Smoke Windshield could be the best option for beginners and professional bikers alike. Its several practical features make it an ideal choice for a long venture. So, it is the best windshield for Street Glide you can have this year.

#5. Earlyred 7” Black Windshield

Key Features

Earlyred 7” Black Windshield
  • Compatible with Harley FLHT FLHX FLHXS FLHTK Touring Electra Street Glide Ultra Limited Trike Tri Glide Ultra Classic
  • Featuring Lexan polycarbonate body

As far as windscreen replacements are concerned, you will only find three to four size options. But the Earlyred took that further than most of the others. You will get eight different sizes in Earlyred. But here, we will talk about the Earlyred 7-inches Black Windshield.

The manufacturer also went beyond with its durability. This unit is made from high-quality polycarbonate, called Lexan. Therefore, the material increases its durability and makes the exterior smoother with more polished edges.

Why Did We Choose It

Earlyred 7 inches Black Windshield is compatible with a wide range of Harley Davidson bikes. It is among the best Harley Davidson windshield products available in the market. In addition, it comprises polycarbonate, which is a Lexan material and makes the shield sturdy.

On top of that, it features an innovative design that redirects wind flow. The result will be lower bumps and a more comfortable ride. All you need is to make sure that you install this screen firmly to reduce buffeting while riding on a long trip.

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Its high-impact construction improves the durability of the product. The topmost edge of the windshield is well-polished, and the surface is smooth. You can clean it easily using a soft and microfibre cloth, and yes, keep it away from usual fabrics.

Besides that, an excellent part of this product is that its outer surface features an anti-aging coating. With this coating, the product will withstand any crashes from rocks. It will increase the elasticity coefficient and enhance the dimension’s resilience.

Pros & Cons


  • Featuring Lexan polycarbonate body
  • Anti-aging coating for easy maintenance
  • Compatible with many Harley Davidson bikes
  • Features a unique design for wind re-routing
  • Nice color and perfect dimensional stability


  • It does not include installation directions
  • It creates a poor fit at times

Our Review

Eventually, the rider and the passenger will enjoy the expedition a lot. Overall, the wind deflection is excellent, making driving more enjoyable, safe, and comfortable. Above all, it protects the rider from the wind and debris on the road.

#6. Jade Onlines 9” Black Windshield

Key Features

Jade Onlines 9” Black Windshield
  • Harley Touring FLHT FLHTC FLHX Street Glide Electra Glide Ultra Limited 2014-2019
  • High-quality PVC plastic

In most cases, a black windshield will clash with the dominant color gimmick of the bike. If so, go for the Jade Online 9-inches. So this black windshield will give you a fantastic riding experience with no wind disturbance.

Because of its best-in-class performance and superior quality, they used PVC plastic for this windshield. Since it is a high-quality material, it contributes resilience and strength to the product design. You’ll enjoy its perks when you have it on your Street Glide. 

Why Did We Choose It

This model is available in two colors. They are black and smoky brown, respectively. Available in two sizes. It would be flawless if you got the black 9-inch model. Best of all, this windshield will beautify your motorcycle. With a dark black surface, you’ll get an exceptionally smooth finish.

Besides, they construct it from PVC. While other manufacturers use polycarbonate, it has outstanding durability compared to its counterparts. PVC plastic is of high standard quality used for cooking utensils; that’s why its durability is sufficient.

The design also makes your bike stylish and presents a simple installation process. A second benefit is that it will successfully re-route the coming breeze, providing a more comfortable ride. You will travel long distances at high speeds with this one on your bike.

Last, the Jade Online 9-inches black windshield is compatible with various Harley Davidson bikes. We ensure it is a perfect fit on any Harley Electra Glide, and you will enjoy your ride immensely. So, before purchasing it, make sure it is compatible with your motorcycle.

Pros & Cons


  • A thicker build-up for a snug fit
  • Stylish and durable construction
  • Compatible with most of the bike models
  • Superior quality PVC material
  • An excellent wind deflection system


  • Need professional help for the installation
  • You’ll get the difficulty of screws tightening

Our Review

Jade Online’s 9-inches windshield comes with a premium wind deflection system. Among the benefits of this product is its lightweight, making it easy for the user to handle. Finally, this windshield is best for continuous use and requires minimal maintenance.

#7. Kuryakyn 1773 Airmaster 5” Windshield

Key Features

Kuryakyn 1773 Airmaster 5” Windshield
  • Compatible with Harley-Davidson models: ’96-’13 Electra Glides, Street Glides, Trikes, and Kuryakyn Airmaster Fairing
  • Dark smoke windshield is manufactured from premium quality, optically clear, hard-coated polycarbonate
  • Polycarbonate will not crack or shatter upon impact

The Kuryakyn 1773 Airmaster, 5 inches windshield, is the best aftermarket windshield available. Thus, you will enjoy a smooth ride with this windshield. This windshield is a budget-friendly choice for regular use and is suitable for Grand American Touring and custom applications.

Among the main characteristics of the Kuryakyn windshield is its smooth-flowing design. Apart from that, it can also enhance the transition between the screen and the bike. Therefore, you won’t feel tired or experience back pain after riding on a Sunday.

Why Did We Choose It

As a 5-inch windshield, this Kuryakyn 1773 product can provide decent protection to any upright rider. So, your helmet or glasses won’t start buffeting if you are not wearing a full-face helmet. You’ll get an enjoyable ride without getting annoyed by anything on the way.

With its excellent positioning, it will provide an impressive performance. Likewise, you will also earn a classy appearance with its clean finish. They make it from lightweight and injection-molded polycarbonate, which provides long-term reliability and durability.

This Kuryakyn 1773 Airmaster 5-inches windshield will give you better weather protection. Thus you will get better rainwater protection than a 7-inches one. The chrome-plated accents that are easily installed are a significant benchmark of this product.

It’s compatible with a great range of Harley Davidson Street Glides to contemporary Trikes. To our dismay, the unit did not come with an installation guide. Don’t worry, and its installation is quite simple without any installation manual!

Pros & Cons


  • Chrome-plated accents for durability
  • Includes a rubber insulator
  • Exceptional finishing and delivers accurate fit
  • Provide decent wind protection at highway speed.
  • Suitable for several Harley Davidson models.


  • No Torx and hex wrenches included
  • No functional hips over the edges

Our Review

The magnetic construction of this windshield will enhance the vehicle’s desirable appearance. Its significant feature is its high-quality rubber seal and cap screws to hold the button in place. In summary, you can install it quickly without the help of a professional.

#8. Amazicha Black 6” Windshield

Key Features

Amazicha Black 6” Windshield
  • Compatible with Harley Touring 1996-2013 Bike
  • Windscreen Height: 6″ (measure from the center of the middle bolt, manual measurement)

Are you still looking for a windshield that suits your needs and offers you the best protection? If so, here is another excellent black shield from Amazincha, and this time in 6 inches. It’s perfect for Harley Touring 1996-2013 and won’t fit FLHTK Electra Glide.

Amazicha windshield in black, and you cannot see through. But this is not what can stop you from getting it installed on your bike. It’ll stand the test of time pretty well, and you’ll trust it over time. And yes, this windshield will be worth the purchase.

Why Did We Choose It

The Amazicha Black 6” Windshield comes in a black design that looks great on your bike. Its quality is, as usual, of the highest standard and fits perfectly in its compatible bikes. Being a low-profile shield gives you a little more protection from the wind.

This windscreen is chrome polished, giving the appearance of a welding lens, making it hard to see through. Its height is low enough that you can see above it. This does not affect its primary function, and it deflects the incoming air more effectively.

We would like to mention that it’s not equally curved as the front as we move forward. But this is before installation. Once installed on your bike, it gets curved upwards at the sides to match the visor. Thanks to this flexible structure, installation becomes easier. 

Although the material of this windshield is strong to hold when working with it, like cleaning, you need to be careful. You can put scratches on it, and that’s why also ensure using a soft cloth. As for its functionality, it deflects wind and rain, and you can enjoy driving alone at night.

Pros & Cons


  • Looks stunning in black
  • Great build quality
  • Installation is super easy
  • Provide better protection


  • Issues with fairing

Our Review

Amazicha 6-inch black windshield is one of the best windshields for people who want a shield with a low height. Its features perfectly match the price tag, and we highly recommend it. This windshield gives the bike a completely new look, and it works very well.

#9. Earlyred 4.5” Black Windshield

Key Features

Earlyred 4.5” Black Windshield
  • Compatible with Harley Electra Street Glide Touring Bike
  • High quality ABS plastic with Smooth surface, flexible and strong, hard texture, anti-sand anti-stone
  • Windscreen height: 4.5 (measure from the center of the middle bolt)

If you are looking for a low-profile and low-height windshield for your Street Glide, look no further. We have a 4.5 inches windshield from Earlyred you can get right away. You can rely on this shield to become your ideal traveling partner with the same body and material quality. 

Earlyred 4.5 inches black windshield is compatible with the latest Street Glide models 2014-21. So, if you own any of these models, this screen could fit at the perfect height. For the price, you won’t regret your purchase as you’ll get a nice piece for a few bucks. 

Why Did We Choose It

The Earlyred 4.5 inches black windshield is pretty simple like its bigger models. It looks great on the front top of your bike, making it more enjoyable to ride. Due to cuts at the lower edges, it gives space for headlights and fits very well.

If we talk about the material, this windshield is made from plastic polycarbonate. This plastic is of high quality, and you can expect it to last for a long. This plastic is polished, making it hard to see through and nearly impossible to see at night.

As the height of this windshield is short, you can face wind buffering if you are very much heightened. Then again, this is not a big deal, and it works perfectly for an average height person. It’ll still fulfill your need, pushing the air away from you and keeping you protected.

You don’t need to watch videos or read the manual for installation. All you need to do is open up the screws and fix the screen on your bike, starting with the middle screw. It’ll help if you have someone to assist you while doing this process, as you will need to handle it. 

Pros & Cons


  • Great design, looks great
  • Quality material, last long
  • Efficacy matches its price
  • No to less buffeting


  • No inclusion of installation guide
  • The surface is prone to scratches

Our Review

Earlyred 4.5 inches black windshield is an ideal option for some Street Glide models. It’ll look fantastic on your bike, and you would be delighted with the price. This windshield could be a great fit for wind protection if you are not very tall.

#10. H-Ruo Black 6” Windshield

Key Features

H-Ruo Black 6” Windshield
  • Compatible for 1996-2013 Harley Electra Glide/Street Glide/Tri Glide models
  • 6″ Wave Windshield is made of High quality PVC plastic

Last but not least, we have another windshield from a different brand. There is no comparison of this product with the screens we have reviewed. We picked this windshield and positioned it to last for its low reviews and comparatively high price.

The second purpose of adding H-Ruo black 6 inches windshield is compatibility with Harley Street Glide FLHX FLHT 1996-2013. If you have any model from these years, you can invest in this windshield. We have seen no issues with its quality, and it will work best for you.

Why Did We Choose It

With a black finish, the H-Ruo black 6 inches windshield looks great. When you install it on your bike, it’ll improve its looks even more. So, it can also work as a decoration piece for your bike. Installation is easy; simply modify the existing fairing hardware.

In particular, the construction of this windshield has been well-designed for best-in-class airflow management. Apart from this, it also flaunts a stylish black-colored build-up with a sleek finish for an attractive look.

This windshield design is very stylish and looks awesome on any bike. Its aerodynamic shape or style ensures proper air management and keeps you air protected. This brand provides high-quality screens, which perform to their fullest.  

As for the material, this windshield is made from PVC plastic, which is of great quality but not like polycarbonate. It has a smooth and polished top edge to make this shield deflect air. The wind will blow over and around you on hitting up this shield.

This windshield is just a lifesaver for bikers who travel daily and need protection from road debris. Due to its solid build, it is strong to bear hits from thrown-up rocks and is pretty stable. So, you enjoy a safe and comfortable ride as it keeps objects away from you.

Pros & Cons


  • It has an attractive black finish 
  • Made from quality PVC plastic
  • Offers stability and performance
  • Best protection for the rider


  • The installer’s guide is missing

Our Review

H-Ruo black 6 inches windshield is a quality screen for Street Glide made from high-quality material. Your one-time investment lets you get a strong screen that can last for long, even up to years. It deflects more wind, giving you a more comfortable and safe ride.

Tips To Choose The Best Windshield For Street Glide – Buying Guide

Are you a person who enjoys riding a Street Glide and want to increase your speed when you need to travel on a highway? If so, you’ll encounter dust particles, rain, bugs, and other elements as you travel. So, you need the best windshield to protect you and save you money.

Do you want to waste money on a windshield that will not serve you well? If not, here are some tips to consider while purchasing a windscreen. 

a. Overall Size 

Windshields for Street Glide come in a variety of sizes. When buying a windscreen for your bike, make sure to get one that fits your height. A lot of larger windshields will add a lot of weight to the front of your bike. Remember to get a screen that roughly reaches your nose. 

b. Color Matching

Windshields are available in a variety of colors. You must select a color that compliments the color of your bike. Although the windscreens are available in various hues, the smoky black tint goes well with any color scheme. Bright colors can detract from your bike’s overall appearance. 

c. Design or Style

When selecting a windshield, bear in mind the type or design that’ll enhance the looks of your bike. Before purchasing, make sure the screen has headlight cuts that fit in your Street Glide. If you do not inspect the space for headlights, you will be wasting your time and money.

d. Material Used

This is also one of the most important considerations when buying a windshield for your Street Glide. PVC-manufactured windshields will break or chop extremely rapidly. So, we recommend choosing one made of polycarbonate. 

e. Build Quality

Whenever you purchase a windshield for your Street Glide, the most crucial factor to consider is the build quality. Investing in a screen made of high-quality materials will extend its durability and lifespan. 

Some windshields, for example, are constructed of PVC plastic, while others are composed of Polycarbonates or Acrylics. Windshields built of Polycarbonates will last an extended period, and your investment will not be wasted. 

f. Ability To Adjust 

Adjustability is also one of the crucial factors to keep in mind while buying a windshield. Most windscreens are available in adjustable and fixed patterns. With this feature, you can change airflow direction according to changes in seasons. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should you keep in mind when replacing the windshield?

The adaptability of a new windshield is the most significant consideration if you want to replace your windshield. Tighten the fasteners after the windscreen is properly mounted on the mounts. It will keep you from falling while riding.

What are motorcycle windscreens typically made of, and which one is better?

PVC, Polycarbonates, and Acrylics are commonly used in motorcycle windscreens. Windshields constructed of PVC plastic would crack and chop rapidly, so a Polycarbonate windscreen is the best alternative.

What type of clothes can be best for cleaning windshields?

A soft rag or microfibre cloth is the best choice for cleaning the windshield of a bike. Taking a rough piece of cloth will damage the smoothness of the windscreen of your street glide.

What size of windshield should be used for motorbikes?

The best size for a windshield depends upon your height. For choosing the right-sized windshield, you need to check if the top of the windscreen lines up with your nose or not. If it lines up, then it’s the best one for you.

Conclusion – Best Windshield For Street Glide

Well! That’s all about the best windshield for Street Glide so far. We have reviewed the 10 best screens that are customers’ favorite and high-rated ones. Whether you want to install a shield for the first time or replace your old one, you can pick one from our list. 

A windshield is a necessary part of your bike riding as your helmet is. After this guide, you might be able to decide on which screen you should buy. So, with a quality windshield, you’ll enjoy a safe and comfortable ride throughout your journey.