As the Halloween season approaches, many people are looking for horror films to enjoy. Horror films can be quite frightening and scary to watch, but they are always a good time. Halloween is always a mixture of frights and delights, especially when it comes to movies. For those who can’t wait for the release of the next Halloween movie, we’ve compiled a list of 10 motorcycle horror movies for this year’s Halloween fright night.

These movies are perfect for enticing younger (and older) viewers into the dark side. This list of 10 Motorcycle Horror Movies For Halloween in 2023 is sure to give you goosebumps! The following films were selected because they all have something in common, motorcycles.

1. Mad Max

There’s a fine line between action and horror, and the original Mad Max crosses it frequently, with gleeful abandon. The Toe Cutter’s gang are some of the eeriest, creepiest, and spine-chilling demons you’ll ever see on the screen. After the first installment, the series moves more into the action genre than thriller, but the first one still gives me nightmares.

2. I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle

This is your standard biker horror fare. A pack of Satanic motorcycle riders are murdered by a rival motorcycle gang, and then one of them rips open his own throat to spill demon blood into a fuel tank and therefore turn a Norton Commando into a vampire. Want to know more? Check out Jason Marker’s lengthy review of this gorefest.

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3. Dear God, No!

The title of this movie is also the answer to the question, “should you watch it?”. That’s the whole joy of Halloween. Watching terrible movies you would never, ever watch just because it’s part of the whole kitschy creepy atmosphere of the day. The trailer for Dear God, No! includes the disclaimer, “Sissies and individuals with heart conditions will not be allowed to attend screenings”. It’s a fair point. This flick is more than a little bit rough.

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4. The Shrieking

It all starts when the gang of bikers get insulted by a local woman in a small country town they’re busy terrorising. She makes a great joke about one man’s inability to “get it up to speed” and all hell breaks loose. There’s a fight, then a curse, and then 96 minutes of chases scenes, horror, and death. You can also find this movie under the name Hex, or Grass Land.

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5. Werewolves on Wheels

No horror list is complete without this 1971 classic. In it, a group of bikers tempt fate at a monastery, because of course they do. When one of the women in the group is kidnapped by the monks and turned into Satan’s missus, the biker gang slowly get turned into werewolves. On wheels. This one’s got a lot of naked people, because 1971.

6. Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider 2

Putting this in the list so nobody yells at me in the comments. You should know that it is not Nicolas Cage’s best work. Watch with caution. The song by Suicide is better.

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7. Biker Boyz

“Wait, that’s not a horror movie!” I hear you chant. No, but it is a horrible movie. It also has some graphic motorcycle deaths, which are pretty gory. The real reason Biker Boyz is on the list is that it frightens us to think someone actually made this steaming heap—and that some people actually think this is how motorcycle culture is.
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8. These are the Damned

Do you want bad music, worse acting, and some of the scariest children this side of the corn? These are the Damned has you covered. It’s as dodgy as a b-grade horror film from the 1960s should be and yet still manages to pack a surprising amount of fear factor.

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9. Wild Zero

Just when you think America has the lock on gory, trashy, hammed-up motorcycle horror movies, along comes Japan to say, “Hold my beer!”. This one has your usual zombie rampage, but with the added twist of a simultaneous alien invasion. If you wonder how much blood and gore you can expect: a man’s head detonates in shower of muck and blood just 10 seconds into the trailer.

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10. Nightmare Beach

I don’t believe this Gold Wing is entirely standard, and I’m certain Honda never sold an electric chair as an approved accessory, yet here we are. The chillingly silent assassin in this flick uses his to fry innocent young hitchhikers. If you wonder how the Gold Wing powers the electric chair, or other science facts, then repeat to yourself ‘It’s just a show, I should really just relax.’.