Bell Custom 500 is a legendary helmet. Since 1954, Bell Racing, the manufacturer of this helmet has created innovative products. Those ensure safety and comfortability of your motorcycle riding. This helmet is now coming better. It has stronger metal shields yet thinner profile. Therefore, you can say bye to bobble heads look.

Even though this helmet looks classic, it has a cool interface. In fact, the helmet is customizable for the additional shields and visors. You can modify the helmet as a full face helmet or a half face helmet. Here is the complete review:

Benefits of Using Bell Custom 500 [2023]

The main helmet benefit is for the safety riding. As motorcycle is less safe than a car, a helmet comes to save your life in an urgent situation. It means, using weak helmet will endanger your head safety.

In this case, Bell Racing factory answers your need professionally. It has safety standard and stylish look. It also has some other benefits that perhaps, others cannot compete it.

  • It is customizable
  • It has 5 shells and EPS liner to ensure the safety
  • It has equipped by metal shell power
  • It has redesigned from the previous model
  • It is lighter yet stronger
  • It has 5 years guarantee
  • It has tested and fully safe
  • It is suitable for long journey riding or racing

Bell Custom 500 Helmet Special Features

Talking about the features, it has several features which increase the value of your motorbike riding. Mainly, it has redesigned style and stronger shell protection. It equips the safety standard. It is fully customizable with 5 snap pattern. For the detail features, it has:

  • 5 helmet shell combined with the EPS liner sizes
    • Shell 1: For XS and SM helmet
    • Shell 2: For MD helmet
    • Shell 3: For LG helmet
    • Shell 4: For XL helmet
    • Shell 5: For XXL helmet
  • It has 5 snap integrated pattern to add additional visors and shields
  • It equips padded strap on the chin side with D-ring closure
  • It has completed with strap keeper
  • D-ring closure is made of Stainless Steel
  • It has Leather D-Ring pull tab

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bell Custom 500

As the low profile helmet, it looks like you are wearing an old style. However, it is fully customizable one. It makes you conclude that actually Bell Custom 500 helmet has its pros and cons.

The advantages or pros point are the helmets looks classic. Well, some people may like this or not. However, the manufacturer wants to reveal the legendary helmet look. Moreover, the bare bone helmet style applied in it with customizable purpose. Other plus points are this helmet is light and tough.

The disadvantages would be on style and incomplete buying package. It comes in bare bone style. It means you need an extra dollar to purchase the visors. It is optional actually. Yet, without using visors or having a rider’s glasses, it makes your riding experience less comfortable. The wind and dust easily irritate your eyes and for sure, it makes you move your motorbike very slowly.

Bell Custom 500 Helmet Manuals

You can find the product manual inside the product. However, it has a standard manual use. It is like the steps for placing the optional visors and shields. Another thing you must remember is always clicking the helmet clip before start riding your lovely motorbike.

Maintenance Instruction and Cleaning

As it is a customizable helmet, it is easy for you to clean up the helmet. It is also easy for you to perform simple maintenance if there is a broken part of the helmet. The maintenance will be done easily by yourself.

Usually, a helmet needs a maintenance of the screw that connects the visors and the helmet body. To perform this, regularly check the screw tightness. Then, you must ensure the right fit screw for placing the visors. Moreover, if you see that your visor is dirty, you should put that off from the helmet body before cleaning it.

In order to clean up the inside part of the helmet, you need to put off the shell inside. You can wash the inside part by asking helmet cleaner service. You can also wash it by yourself based on the complete manual provided inside product package.

FAQ for Bell Custom 500

  1. Where to buy the products?

In order to take a look at Bell Custom 500 helmet choices or buying it, you can click here.

  1. What does the product promise?

The product ensures the strong performance of the helmet shell. Moreover, it is a fully customizable product. Meaning that you can combine the desired visors or additional shields.

  1. How well does it achieve those goals?

It has well tested and thousands of users worldwide can’t be wrong

  1. Is it Good value? For whom?

It has the price range of $80 – $120. Talking about the price and its quality, it is worth it. In fact, many similar products can raise the price up to $200. It is suitable for the youth souls which loves motorbike travels. The racing riders will absolutely like this too.

  1. How long is the shipping duration?

The shipping duration will depend on the location. However, people around the USA will get the product 2 – 7 work day delivery. Shop now at


Bell Custom 500 helmet is a nice choice for a motorbike travels. It has legendary look and safety standards. The performance is unquestionable. It is because the helmet equips metallic shield outside with soft comfortable sponge inside. It has completed with 5 shell types and EPS liner. Therefore, you can easily choose the fit size for your head.

The special thing offered here is the fully customizable option. You can easily add visors, full-face shields, etc. It enhances the look of your helmet and ensures more safety. However, leave it bare is OK. Yet, you must put a rider’s glasses to prevent eye irritation will riding the motorbike.