About Us

Greetings my fellow motorcycle enthusiasts! Welcome to BETTERMOTORCYCLE.
This website is especially dedicated to those people who share the same passion in riding their bikes like us. Whether you ride for leisure and the thrill or for the more practical reasons of having an easier way to park and saving at the pump, we got you fully covered. All bikers have their reasons for riding their motorcycle. Not only that, if you are someone who do not own a motorcycle in the moment, the things you will learn from this site will definitely make you want to own one! Trust me here.
I am Jesus K. Lechrist, a motorcycle junkie from Denver, Colorado. Born on August 1, 1982, this decade has been one of the best eras for motorcycle innovations and developments. Remember the introduction of the 250cc two-strokes RG500 and NS400R? At the moment, the two most remarkable motorcycles are the Victory Impulse TT and Indian chief dark horse. Yeah, the 1980s was the beginning of the technology we see intensively developed in today’s motorcycle manufacturing.
Even as young kid, I have always enjoyed watching series and movies with motorbike stunts on tv. In my mind, I knew back then and there that someday I will be doing those same stunts and true to date, I’m canyon carving as much as I want. Yet as much as I get pleasure from hard and fast rides on twisted roads, there will always be those times that you simply just want to see a good sunset on the mountainside and feel the cool breeze on your face. Whenever I feel like I want that time for myself- I just immediately get on my motorcycle and ride.
Aside from being a bike aficionado, I am highly involved in extreme sports as well. The rush of the bike rides is too similar to what you get in skydiving and water rafting. But if you may think that I am all about exhausting my adrenaline all the time, you may be surprised to know that I find photography and blogging really interesting.
Having all of these interests together inside me paved way for Bettermotorcycle.com to be born.
Bettermotorcycle is the best site for everything about motorcycles. If you are looking for the most comprehensive product reviews for helmets and other motorcycle gears available, the site will provide you with the right knowledge to choose the most suitable for your needs. Consequently, we will also give you tips and tricks for new riders to smoothly maneuver their bikes and to have a safe riding trip at all times.
My greatest motivation for creating the website is to inform and equip people with the right knowledge and guides to avoid harm during rides. Furthermore, we want to simply let others know the convenient benefits of owning your own motorcycle –saves gas, creates a much lower environmental hazard (lower air pollution), you get to have friends and additionally, riding the motorcycle just makes you look cool. We all agree on that, eh?
I’m looking forward to all your comments and suggestions and be assured that you will get the freshest information about the biking world. Have a safe ride!